Safety is everyone’s business

Health and safety is the business of each and every one of us ….

A commitment of the Direction

REEL has built its industrial history around a number of values that include respect for its employees and partners. This respect for the human values developed by the group’s leaders is particularly evident in terms of preserving employees’ phyic and moral integrity.

As such, the health and safety of employees are permanent and priority ambitions.

The safety prevention policy, which has accompanied the group’s development for many years, carries these values and aims at the permanent improvement of its statistics of accidents and occupational diseases, as well as the control and reduction of occupational risks, whatever they may be. are.

In addition to a permanent regulatory watch, faced with the multiplicity and complexity of risks associated with different work situations, both in its premises and its customers, REEL is committed to a global approach to prevention and safety aimed at reducing exposures to the risks and protection of exposed employees.

The Security Management System developed on this occasion is based in particular on:

  • risk assessment,
  • the establishment of means,
  • regular monitoring of actions implemented,
  • training and information of people,
  • taking into account experience feedback and measuring improvements

Encouraging results in permanent progress ….

Because in terms of Health and Safety, we must strive towards “zero accidents” and “zero occupational disease”, our approach must constantly progress.


As REEL’s main asset is human capital, we have involved all of our employees in this process. We have embarked on this ambitious internal program to improve health & safety at work and one of its twelve focuses is the implementation of Golden Rules throughout the group’s scope …


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