Company Ferrand & Frantz

The company had written its history with the company Ferrand & Frantz which was built with Charles Frantz, founder of REEL and Pierre Ferrand.


Our first modern overhead crane

The first seeds of innovation were sown by the completion of the first modern overhead crane to be commercialized under the REEL brand. “Rationnel Economique Esthétique Léger” (Rational, Economic, Elegant, Light)


Nuclear reactor core loading gantry, Marcoule COGEMA

As this new source of energy becomes ‘REAL’ a new industry is born, the nuclear age opens new horizons for REEL in the future, with the completion of a loading gantry for an experimental reactor in Marcoule


Destined for a promising future activity

With the expansion of equipment for the nuclear industry, the creation of a maintenance activity becomes top priority, an activity which will, one day, become one of the company’s key selling points.


REEL takes to the air

With the appearance of wide-bodied airplanes, REEL starts providing state- of-the-art maintenance equipment, suspended work platforms, mobile docks, etc. Making time savings of nearly 40% on aircraft maintenance operations.


First refueling machine

With the completion of its first refueling machine, REEL can truly be said to have entered the nuclear age.


Spreading across the world

The globalization of the REEL Nuclear Division, with the supply of mast cranes for a Storage Center in Sweden


Diversification of know hows

The market share held by standard equipment drops to a minimum, in comparison with the market for made-to-measure, automated, specialized equipment. The various know hows across the company undergo evolution.


50th anniversary of REEL

REEL’s 50th birthday witnesses the globalization of REEL, with an initial acquisition of COH, followed by NNSC. REEL multiplies its sites across the world, whilst remaining attached to its origins


Finishing and tests workstations for the A380, the giant of the skies

REEL confirms its position to aeronautics constructors companies by completing three finishing & tests workstations for the A380


Offshore oil & gaz

REEL makes its mark on a new market through the integration of Imeca, a notable supplier in the pipeline laying market.



ALESA completes our expertise in the aluminum sector, along with NKM NOELL Special Cranes


We are ready !

Perseverance, passion, commitment, a thirst for knowledge, listening... The human values that have forged the identity of our group and constitute our strength enable us to work hand-in-hand with industrial companies across the world

Our history is above all an inheritance, which guides us and pushes us forward whilst regenerating our spirits. Knowing where we came from lets us build our own path into the future, ensuring that we carefully adhere to our sincere values. This is our day-to-day creed.

Reel International

Throughout its 70 years of experience, REEL has always tried to be a pioneer… It remains an enterprise belonging to the men and women who created it, make it what it is today and will shape its future.

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WNE 2020 postponed to 2021

WNE is mobilized for your health and safety!

REEL-Alesa materials handling equipment : Refinery reached full capacity

REEL Alesa is proud having participated to EGA’s Al Taweelah alumina refinery

WNE – World Nuclear Exhibition – Join us !

Our teams will be waiting for you on our booth : Hall 7, stand J70 !

The big lift ITER « A moment that will live in our memories »

June 4th 2020  A great achievment   by all international partners from 35 nations !!!!