Loading Systems

Dust-free loading of bulk materials

Load powdery bulk materials onto open or closed trucks, rail wagons, and ships with our high-capacity, dust-free loading systems.


High loading capacity
Dust-free – integrated filter possible
High operational reliability
Adjustable lift height
Truck or ship loading, stationary or mobile
Material conveyance through internal hose, steel telescope or bucket segment
Dust extraction through external hose with dedusting connection
Lift drive by motor winch with slack rope switch
Single wire rope suspension with conical cut-off device
Open outlet for ship loading

Train, ship, or truck loading – your basic needs are the same. You need a highly reliable system that can deliver high capacity with zero dust. Our loading systems suit a wide range of materials and applications, for capacities up to 1000 t/h. And they’re always dust-free.

Truck, rail and ship loading systems

Your dispatch operations are dictated by market forces. Where your product is going and who is receiving it. Whether you are dispatching bulk materials by truck, train or ship, loading must be quick – and dust-free. Our loading systems are used worldwide for loading powdery bulk materials such as fly ash, cement, lime, gypsum, aluminium oxide, ore dusts and chemical raw materials. We can achieve loading rates up to 200 t/h for trucks and up to 1000 t/h for ships.
Every loading operation is different, so all our loading systems are flexible. Our truck, train and ship loading systems can adapt to different heights and are available in stationary or mobile format. Ship loading systems can be supplied with an open outlet, without locking cone and with a dedusting apron.

Loading systems that benefit from pneumatic conveying technology

Dust-free loading

We understand how dust can impact your process and your business. Which is why our truck, train and ship loading systems are fitted with dust extraction equipment to ensure dust-free loading. Material is conveyed through an internal hose, steel telescope or bucket segment, so that dust cannot escape from the loading system.

High capacities

Having a high capacity loading system is an important part of keeping up with product demand. Our truck, train and ship loading systems can manage capacities up to 2000 t/h. And they’re highly reliable, ensuring you won’t be let down at such a crucial point in the process.

Flexible systems

The truck, train and ship loading systems have adjustable lift heights and can be stationary or mobile. The lift is driven by motor winch with slack rope switch. And you can opt for an open outlet for ship loading.

Safe filling

Our loading system is equipped with a host of features to increase the safety of personnel around the railcar loading operation. It uses conveying air to fill the railcars evenly, eliminating the need for conventional gravity systems, mechanical spreaders and rotating paddles that might require greater human intervention.

Ship, rail and truck – flexible loading systems for dry bulk materials

MÖLLER ® loading systems for truck, train and ship loading are equipped with a flexible double hose as standard – one internal, one external. Bulk material is conveyed through the internal hose, while dust escapes through the external hose thanks to the dedusting socket. If the materials are highly abrasive, the internal hose can be exchanged for a steel telescope pipe or by bucket segments. An integrated filter can also be added to avoid venting to the top of the silo.
The lifting heights can be adjusted to the local conditions. All standard-design systems are equipped with a motor winch with single wire rope suspension, slack rope switch, a FULL level limit switch and a locking cone at the outlet. Operation is carried out via a local pendant control station.
Ship loading systems can be either stationary or mobile. The mobile option runs on rails on roadways and has up to four parallel loading shoots. Energy supply is via a trailing cable. The loading system is driven either by an electric motor or a pneumatic cylinder.

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