The next level of pneumatic conveying technology: Versatile and Efficient

MÖLLER FLUIDFLOW® is a high capacity, low velocity dense-phase pneumatic conveying system that is safe to operate even at high pressures.


Smooth transport of bulk material at lowest possible conveying velocities
High bulk material loads in comparison to other conveying systems
Flexible and versatile for a wide range of applications

We all know what dense-phase conveying can achieve. Low velocities. High material loads. But high pressure? Yes! The MÖLLER FLUIDFLOW ® transport system is a next-level pneumatic conveying air gravity conveyor’s system that can be used in conjunction with a pressure vessel or screw pump to operate with over pressure of 3.5 bar and more.

Smooth, long-distance transport of abrasive bulk materials

Pneumatic conveying with air gravity conveyor’s technology is an efficient and economical means of transporting dry bulk materials. But it’s not safe to operate classic air gravity conveyor systems at high pressure. The MÖLLER FLUIDFLOW ® transport system takes pneumatic air slides to the next level. By working in combination with a pressure vessel or screw pump, this system can be safely operated at high pressures of 3.5 bar and more. The system therefore has a broader and more versatile range of applications, such as in direct pot feeding systems for the aluminium industry, or the smooth, long-distance transport of abrasive mineral bulk materials.

The multi pressure conveying system for your application

Your bulk materials require careful handling. Low-velocity, high-volume conveying that transports your materials gently and smoothly to ensure negligible scaling, segregation, and attrition.

Air gravity conveying technology transports fluidized bulk materials at low velocities on a slight incline that uses gravity to do most of the work. It achieves that smooth, high-volume transport you need. And the MÖLLER-FLUIDFLOW® system takes this technology to the next level by also enabling high-pressure operation, which gives you a whole host more possibilities.

Foremost of those is the potential to use the FLUIDFLOW® flexibly in combination with other pressure vessel systems such as the TURBUFLOW®, particularly for high bulk densities of up to 1.6 t/m3.

This combination is seen with great effect in the aluminum industry in our Direct Pot Feeding application.

Direct Pot Feeding and other Multi-Pressure Vessel systems

The MÖLLER FLUIDFLOW® is a fluidized pipe gravity conveyor, or a pipe with an internal bottom fluidizing pad. Air is blown through the porous fluidizing pad, aerating the materials and giving them the ability to flow like water for smooth and easy transport.

This unique conveying system was developed as part of the Möller Direct Pot Feeding System, as well as for Multi-Pressure vessel systems under Electrostatic Precipitators.

Direct Pot Feeding

Direct Pot Feeding combines the MÖLLER TURBUFLOW® or MÖLLER FLUIDFLOW® transport system from a storage silo to intermediate bins at the electrolyte cells. The MÖLLER® FLUIDFLOW® pipe air slide feeding system then transports the alumina oxide directly to each of the electrolyte cells. The Turbuflow dense phase feeding and the Fluidflow pipe air slide preserve particle size distribution and the flowability of the alumina. This gives you a reliable and consistent feed, with negligible grain attrition, no segregation, and minimal scaling.

By separating the main conveying air volume in the intermediate bin, we avoid feeding secondary alumina from intermediate bins via point feeders into the ore bunker of the electrolytic cell. This virtually pressure-less feeding also gives the option for selective filling of individual buffer bins if required.

Direct Pot Feeding offers the lowest possible pressure and negates the need for pressure-tight sealing of the electrolyte cell. Feed to the ore bunkers is self-regulating and continuous, controlled from your plant control system with absolutely no need for crane loading. It’s safer, more cost-effective, and takes better care of your product.

Multi-pressure systems

In Multi-Pressure vessel systems, the Möller FLUIDFLOW® is installed as a dense phase conveying pipe, mainly between the first and second field pressure vessels of an ESP ash removal system.

Other applications include pressurized airslide conveying systems such as the patented Möller FFPV Ash Handling System, as well as venting systems with only slightly inclined segments.

The Möller FLUIDFLOW® can be used for all fluidisable and fine bulk materials, such as alumina, fly ash, cement, limestone and coal powder.

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