Environmental Control Solutions

REEL International reinforces its position as a leading technology provider in the global aluminium industry




The acquired business serves primary aluminium smelters and is a technology leader in Environmental Control in the following key Products and Technologies:

  • Potline Gas Treatment Centre (GTC)
  • Bake Ovens Fume Treatment Centre (FTC)
  • SO2 scrubbing
  • including implementation of specific heat exchangers ….and compact GTC/FTC design

An exhaustive range of state-of-the-art, innovative, environmental control solutions

With more than 230 installations worldwide, our leading environmental control solutions have evolved over the past 60 years to cope with increasing pot amperage, more stringent environmental regulations and maximum return of valuable materials to the process.

Gas Treatment Centres (GTCs), including SOx wet scrubbing

Based on our innovative ABART technology, delivering maximum environmental performance.

Fume Treatment Centres (FTCs)

Our novel FTC is designed around our unique integrated gas conditioning and energy recovery heat exchanger (AHEX).

Solutions for SOx wet scrubbing

These includes centralized wet scrubbing systems or distributed at each filter, based on seawater or NaOH.

Solutions for gas cooling and energy recovery

Including water cooling systems and heat exchangers, specifically developped to address the specific challenges arising from pot gases and baking furnace fumes.

Solutions for minimizing roof vent emissions

Our portfolio of solutions covers all sources of emissions and includes boosted suction systems, solutions for spent anode…

Material Handling equipment

These include the most reliable potfeed systems (HDPS and AlFeed), with limited dust entrainment.

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