eepos aluminium modular construction systems


With eepos aluminium modular construction systems an increasing number of companies around the world are banking on a next generation crane system.

Mainly because innovative technology delivers clear advantages in decisive situations.

Certified in accordance with ISO 9001

Intelligent design

The intelligent eepos design, the inter-product compatibility and the practical accessories form the basis for minimised investment and operating costs. The simple installation also has a positive effect on the overall cost.

Simple system planning

Operator-friendly tools and product data in 2D and 3D make working with eepos products fun.  In order to make the work particularly easy we make all the information available for download on our homepage.

Perfect Smooth-Running

The smoother a crane system runs, the more pleasant and health preserving it is to work with. This is why eepos places particular value on optimum crane system running when developing any components.

The result: eepos systems are demonstrably one of the easiest crane systems to move of those that are available on the market.

In comparison to customary suspended runway systems, the operator of an eepos system requires only one third of the tractive  power to move a load. Trolleys in the aluminium profiles also run distinctly more quietly. These are measurable and noticeable ergonomics.

Special solutions available

The eepos standard system construction kit can also be used to realise special systems. The external nuts mean that add-on pieces can be added flexibly.

The eepos crossing units allow different crane rails to be connected where necessary, e.g. in adjoining production areas.

This increases flexibility if, for example, handling during installation work needs to be realised on different models in one production phase or if crane systems are needed at other workplaces in the event of production disturbances.

Mono & Double Rail

The monorail runway represents the simplest form of linear transport. It is inexpensive, compact and is very easy to use.

The double rail crane comprises two parallel crane rails between which the eepos chain hoist support is located.

This configuration achieves symmetrical load distribution so that the distance between the suspensions can be increased. Another advantage is the higher hook position that results from the positioning of the chain hoist between the runway profiles.

Telescopic crane

The single girder crane with telescopic beam can reach areas that were previously inaccessible. In its elevated version it is also suitable for environments with low head room.

Single Girder crane

The single girder crane is a combination of double rail crane and crane girder. This results in an optimum overall coverage for material transport, whilst remaining easy to use.

The single girder crane elevated is outstanding because of its extremely low installation height, thus making optimum use of the available height while retaining all the advantages of the single girder crane.

Double Girder crane

The double girder crane is the solution for overall coverage transportation of heavy loads. A more even distribution of the load  and elevated hook height is achieved by using two crane beams arranged in parallel with the chain hoist support fitted between them.

Slide-in profiles

By using the new aluminium slide-in profile, you are now able to economically remodel conventional overhead steel systems and to equip them with the features of eepos: after retrofitting loads can be moved easily and ergonomically without jamming issues with long crane bridges that are common with steel profiles.

Lifting Axis

The lifting axis is based on the aluminium standard system and can be used electrically, pneumatic or by spring balancer. The column panels are constructed of durable, extruded aluminium profiles.

The rollers of the adjustable guidance glide on high-precision, hardened round steel bars which allows excellent motion and low wear operation.

Slewing Jib

The slewing jib cranes follow the modular design philosophy. Jib lengths of between 2 and 6m can be realised, in increments of 50 cm and a load-carrying capacity of up to 500 kg. Special lengths are also available.

The system is available as a column or wall slewing crane. The slewing crane can be installed in a very short time. The column is installed to the floor by means of high performance anchors, which usually do not require foundations*.

As the connections between the jib beam and the supports are carried out by using bolts, it is possible to install the slewing unit quickly.

Simple system planning

Operator-friendly tools and product data in 2D and 3D make working with eepos products fun. In order to make the work particularly easy we make all the information available for download.

Foolproof installation

A well-conceived system construction kit and the low weight of the eepos products make for simple, swift installation of the system – usually without elaborate reinforcement of the building. The high degree of compatibility with other well-known profile construction kits is a further advantage.

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