Corporate Social Responsibility at REEL

At REEL we consider that it is the responsibility of the Company but also of all the employees who constitute it …

What is CSR ?

Corporate Social Responsibility is the contribution of companies to the challenges of sustainable development.

Sometimes translated as “Social and environmental responsibility”, it is an approach that consists in companies taking into account the social and environmental impacts of their activity, in order to adopt the best practices possible and contribute to the improvement of society and environmental protection.

CSR combines economic logic, social responsibility and eco-responsibility.

At REEL, we are expanding CSR by considering that it is our responsibility, but also that of all our collaborators.

It covers the various fields of Health and Safety, Social and Human, but also Environmental and Ethics.

What constitutes and ensures the foundations of CSR at REEL International are:

Its values, its Ethics Charter and the Group’s Code of Conduct for Employees,
Its history, its leaders and their involvement, their commitments, their beliefs and their faith in the community,
Its respect (and that of its employees) for the environment, which translates into internal actions and an increasingly “eco-responsible” attitude and its commitment to positively influence its suppliers, partners and even customers in its wake,
Its investment in the social, associative, economic and educational fabric in each of its geographical areas.
Its policies: HR, Social, Health, Safety and Salary, ambitious, pragmatic and rooted in the present,
Its actions of emulation and encouragement of collaborators in the fields, sporting, artistic or charitable,

Everyday CSR at REEL

  • Integration – Insertion – Non-discrimination

At the hiring and throughout the career.

  • Quality of life at work
  • Take Care Plan

Placed at the top of the Company’s Values and in the first point of the Ethics Charter, the Health and Safety of women and men who work for REEL is our first concern.

  • Professional development of employees

Merit, commitment and success take precedence over diplomas.

  • Promotion of sports practices and charitable actions/commitments

  • Sustainable development approach of the company and its employees

The CSR approach at REEL International is therefore already a reality on a daily basis, in which each of us participates and contributes, both inside and outside the company.

REEL is, and will continue to be, a responsible and committed player in its wider environment.

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