Replacement of our first screening drum : a REEL success

The replacement of the Flamanville 1 screening drum, begun on May 8, 2018, was completed on August 23, 2018 by water requalification tests.

This project is a first for REEL.

The screening drums in place at Flamanville had never been changed, for REEL it was the 1st screening drum, designed, manufactured and put in place

It was during the WNE exhibition ,  world nuclear exhibition, 2016  that  REEL signed the contract for the replacement of  the screening  drum Flamanville 1 with EDF.

Today we are proud of the accomplishment of this project and the recognition shown by our client EDF.

“This operation is a real success made possible by the involvement of both the CNEPE engineering and project teams and of course  REEL, with close monitoring carried out by the Flamanville Joint Team and close collaboration with the CNPE. . This cooperation made it possible to secure the overall time of the project, with a controlled budget together with a safety challenge won! “

This important project for REEL in terms of co-activities is a double success with a security challenge won and a global site planning respected for all the hazards encountered.

We thank all our teams involved on this project as well as our subcontractors

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The size of this equipment but also its environment contribute to the complexity of the project.

This semi-submerged equipment, 165 T and 22 m in diameter, ensures the filtration of seawater upstream of the pumps that supply the cooling circuit of the engine room.

To get an idea: the shaft of the drum which measures 9.2 meters long for 34 tons had to be passed through an opening in pumping station of 7 meters by 15.
32 spokes, or 16 spokes per wheel assembled two by two were then mounted. Throughout this operation, a controlled and secure 360 ° rotation of the assembled rim was carried out progressively. The 64 filter panels were then installed, as well as their sealing and washing systems.

The filter drum designed by REEL is distinguished by:

  • The reliability of its mechanisms,
  • the robustness of its dimensioning and its construction to aim a minimal wear of the wearing parts,
  • its maintainability and the ability to carry out operations safely for  the personnel involved
  • its high level of reliability
  • the respect of  environment by recovering the lubricants emitted by the rotating guide bearings, which were  previously discharged into seawater or river water
  • an innovative design allowing on-site assembly in record time

The adventure continues, we still have to prepare the site of the  screening drum Flamanville 2 which will begin in January 2019, to continue then until 2024 with 1 or 2 TFs per year in 2021 «


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