REEL : Airbus honours its top-performing suppliers

Toulouse 1st October 2019 : REEL was honored to receive the Airbus Performance & Quality Award in toolings Procurement at the 2019 Airbus Global Supplier Awards conference

With this award Airbus honors exceptional performance of suppliers, contributing significantly to the business success of Airbus. Worldwide, Airbus works with more than 12,000 suppliers and partners.

« Their developed industrial solutions and daily support are valued by the customers.
Reactive to Airbus needs REEL will always offer assistance and provide project assistance to Airbus customers during the entire project life from draft to acceptance..”

Acting as a solution integrator, and maintenance supplier, REEL manage several assembly solutions projects (FAL, PreFAL…).

With robust competences in design, system integration, project management and  services.
Close to the customers, REEL  with its maintenance teams focus on delivery, quality performance and customer satisfaction.


« Congratulations to Airbus on 50 years of success.
For several decades, acting as a solution integrator, and maintenance supplier REEL has been very proud to be part of prestigious projects for Airbus.We are strongly committed to a continued and successful partnership with Airbus. And very honored to receive this prestigious Airbus Performance & Quality Award on behalf of all our employees. »




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