Some news of Iter project progress

Assembly Hall One giant standing

Two identical handling tools in the Assembly Hall will play a critical role in preparing ITER’s nine vacuum vessel sectors for their final journey: transport by REEL overhead crane into the Tokamak Pit.

Called the sector sub-assembly tools (SSAT) they will support a sector vertically while operations that can only take place in a spacious area—the addition of large thermal shielding sections and the attachment of a pair of D-shaped toroidal field magnets—are carried out.

These tools must be commissioned before the first vacuum vessel sector arrives from Korea in early 2019.

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Travelling the entire length of the assembly space (~ 170 metres), the REEL overhead cranes will be the workhorses

La poussée d’Archimède au service de REEL

Le concept de REEL a reçu à Paris en Juillet dernier, le premier prix du Challenge Innovation d’EDF

Some news from ITER : load tests on the assembly bridge cranes

Testing the load path

REEL, partenaire de la 38ème édition du Challenge Centrale Lyon

REEL est fier d'être partenaire de cet évènement, gage d'énergie créative et de volonté, celle de se surpasser.